For November 1st deadline applicants

If you just submitted your application(s) for a November 1st early action or early decision deadline, congratulations. It’s not easy to start your senior year sprinting to meet an application deadline, and I hope you get the news you want when you receive your decision(s) in early December.

Now, here’s something I know you don’t want to hear—please don’t wait until then to complete the rest of your applications.

I know you’re tired. I know you deserve a break. I know that it will be fantastic if you get an early acceptance to your dream school, making all of those other applications no longer necessary.

But imagine what will happen if you don’t get the news you want.

You’ll then have to start all of your other college applications. You’ll only have a few weeks to do them, and nearly all of that time will be during your holiday break. And you’ll have to muster all the necessary application enthusiasm and attention to detail while licking your wounds from the news you’ve just received.

Please don’t do that to yourself.

Celebrate your early application submission (we do the same with our Collegewise students). Take a few days to breathe in and out. Then keep the momentum going and complete the rest of your applications.

If your December news is good, you’ll have wasted your time with the other apps. Trust me—you’ll be too happy to be frustrated.

But if your December news is bad, you can at least ease into your holiday break feeling relaxed, secure and happy that all your application work is already done. And that’s a lot better than a holiday filled with applications and essays.