Bring focus to the forefront

Jonathan Ive is Apple’s head designer, the man behind the look, feel, and usability of their products. In this interview, Ive discusses one of the most important things he learned from Steve Jobs—the value of focus. Whether he was working on a project or even having a conversation with a colleague, Jobs was, as Ive puts it, “…the most remarkably focused person I’ve ever met in my life.”

You may not have the laser-like focus that Jobs had, but if you study the people who are truly great at what they do—students, quarterbacks, dancers, artists, writers, chefs, race car drivers, fighter pilots, etc.—just about all of them have the ability to eliminate distractions and bring intense focus to the forefront when they’re doing work that matters.

If you want better results in less time, the answer might not be to work harder. It could be to focus more intensely while you’re working.

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