Trust begets more trust

I spend a lot of time on this blog and in front of audiences reminding parents of high school students that they need to step back. Helicopter parenting is no way to prepare your child for college. Kids need the opportunity to take responsibility for their college search and their future. You’ll always be there to guide them, but they need to start learning how to make it on their own. You need to trust them enough to let them find their own way.

But students, you’ve got to earn that trust.

You can’t refuse to engage in your college search and then blame your parents for nagging you about it. If you want to go to college, step up. Talk to your parents about what you want to do and where you need help. Show them that you appreciate how important this is, and tell them what you’re willing to do on your part to make this college thing happen.

The more you do to earn their trust, the more comfortable your parents will likely feel stepping back, cheering from the sideline, and letting you take charge. If you want it, you have to earn it.