Measuring potential

Parents, would you rather your student:

  • Get an A in chemistry with the help of a tutor, or get a part-time job entirely on her own?
  • Have high SAT scores, or have the personal skills to have a mature conversation with an adult?
  • Be the one with the skills to start at tailback, or be the one with the initiative to organize the team workouts over the summer?
  • Hold an office in a club, or have the confidence to suggest and run a new project?
  • Get an admission to Columbia or get comments from teachers about being a great kid?
  • Be a great test taker or be a great friend/sibling/son/daughter?
  • Have the skill to get the lead in the school play, or have the grace to congratulate the kid who got picked over him?
  • Be recognized at awards night or be missed by teachers and students when she graduates?

It doesn’t necessarily need to be one or the other. But grades, test scores, and accolades aren’t the only measures of potential.