What do colleges see with “Score Choice?”

Score Choice is a free option the College Board offers that lets SAT and Subject Test takers retain control over which scores will be sent to colleges and which will not. For example, if you take the SAT three times, you can choose which scores (from a single sitting) to send to your colleges of choice when you apply.

However, someone posed the question to one of our counselors the other day: Is it true that if you use Score Choice to suppress SAT scores, the score report(s) sent to the colleges will still show all the dates you have taken the SAT, thereby allowing admissions officers to see the total number of times you took the test?

The answer, courtesy of Chris Tokuhama, former admissions officer at USC and current Collegewise counselor in Los Angeles, is no, the dates do not show up on the electronic tape that is sent to schools.

Thanks, Chris!