Changes coming to my blog

I always find it jarring when a blog or website I visit regularly gets a dramatic overnight makeover. So I wanted to give readers a heads up that while the writing and the writer (me) will be staying the same, over the next few days, the look of my blog will be changing.

The current blog layout has stayed pretty much the same since 2007. Collegewise has a new logo now.  We have new colors.  And it’s not “College admissions advice from the counselors at Collegewise” anymore.  It’s been nearly five years of college admissions advice from one person—me—the original counselor at Collegewise.  It’s my blog, but I write it as an extension of Collegewise. It needs to more accurately reflect both of us.

At Collegewise, we’re always telling our students that they should be their authentic selves in their college applications.  These changes are just my way of following our advice. Thanks, as always, for reading.