How to measure impact

For colleges, the activities you do, and even the sheer volume of hours you put in, are less important than the impact you make doing what you do.  So here’s a test to gauge your impact.  For each activity you’re involved in, finish this statement:

“It’s because of me that…”

…we found a location for the junior prom.

…a fellow student who was failing geometry raised his grade to a B.

…the local battered women’s shelter has a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

…we had a fundraiser that paid for three extra issues of the school paper.

…our musicians got to watch our local community orchestra rehearse.

…the French club has a website.

…the student council has an email newsletter.

…21 opposing hitters struck out during our softball games this year.

You don’t have to be the president, captain, editor, first chair violinist, or founder to finish that statement with an example of how you personally made a difference.