Write things down so you can forget them

If you keep track of all your assignments, appointments and responsibilities in your head, even if you never forget anything, you’re still using a lot of brain space that could otherwise be allocated elsewhere. 

From this article by Ari Weinzweig, co-owner and founding partner of the Zingermann’s deli empire, an Ann Arbor based food services company with 500+ employees and 40 million dollars per year in sales:

“As Jim Munroe wrote in the comic book ‘Time Management for Anarchists' (and for a great little film clip of the same name): ‘When you develop a habit of writing down stuff, and [referring] to it often enough, you’ll find out an amazing thing: you can let it all go. You can forget about missing appointments, not getting stuff done, and have your brain back to think about creative, interesting stuff.’  I agree. I’ll take every little bit of brainpower I can free for fun and creative activities.”