Put yourself in failure’s path

One of the keys to being successful is your willingness to put yourself in failure’s path.

If you audition for the school play, you may not get the part.

If you try out for the football team, you may not make the squad.

If you run for a club office, you may not win the election.

If you apply for a part-time job, you may not get hired.

If you challenge yourself in a subject that’s difficult for you, you may not get a grade that makes you happy.

If you suggest a theme for the school dance, it may get rejected.

If you raise your hand to answer a question in class, you may give an incorrect answer.

If you sign up for a pottery class after school, you may be the worst potter in the class. 

You can’t be successful if you’re not willing to put yourself in failure’s path.  The alternative is to hide and refuse to take the risk.   But nobody who’s been successful during or after high school got that way by avoiding challenges.

I’m not suggesting that you should always choose to do things that you aren’t good at.  There’s a lot of joy to be found in discovering and following your natural strengths.  But putting yourself in failure’s path is part of realizing your potential.  That’s why so many college applications include essay questions that ask you to describe a time when you failed or made a mistake.  Colleges want to see examples of how you challenge yourself and how you rebound when things don’t go as planned.  

Put yourself in failure’s path and try your best.  Then learn from the outcome and be proud of your willingness to take the risk in the first place.