Course selection considerations for seniors

As the juniors wrap up 11th grade and prepare to rule the roost at school, here are four course considerations when planning your senior year classes:

Will you be:

…taking A.P English?
…taking a fourth year of math?
…taking a fourth year of foreign language?
…completing the lab science sequence (biology, chemistry and physics)?

The more competitive the colleges you want to attend, the more “yes’s” you’ll need in response to those questions. 

And even if you don’t have aspirations of attending a college that rejects almost everyone who applies (good for you, by the way!), find selective yes’s.  If science is your favorite subject, jump into physics and leave the math and foreign language behind.  If you love writing a lot more than you love numbers, take AP English and pass on AP Calculus. 

The key when planning courses is to take the most challenging classes you can reasonably handle.  The vast majority of colleges in this country do not expect that you will take AP Everything.  Challenge yourself, work hard, and make a special effort to shine in your favorite classes.  That will help colleges see your potential when you take classes that really interest you.