A testing assignment for juniors

Juniors, May 7 is the last day to register for the June 1 SAT or SAT Subject Tests.  While I don’t recommend taking the SAT on that date unless you’ve yet to take it (juniors tend to be exhausted at the end of the year and adding another standardized test to your plate is worth avoiding if you can), June is actually the best time to take the Subject Tests if you need to take them.  So here’s a testing homework assignment:

1. Visit the websites of the colleges you’re considering and find out if they require (or even consider) SAT Subject Tests.

2. If they do, register for those specific subjects required by the college.  If the colleges give you options, choose those that match the courses you’re taking now.  Popular choices for juniors are US history and chemistry. 

You’re not going to know subjects like US history or chemistry better than you do as you’re preparing for finals.  So find out if you need to take them, and if so, time the testing when your knowledge is best.