What’s your college plan?

Mark Cuban, self-made billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is blunt, brash and often profane. But he still makes some interesting points in this post.  With the current cost of college and the rising student debt, it’s not enough for a student to just
pick a school and wing it.  You need to go to college with a plan about how your education is going to take you where you
want to go.

I disagree with the notion that a student has to pick a career or even a major in order to pick the right college.  You don’t need a career or major to have a plan.  Maybe your plan is to use college to figure out what you like and are good at. Then you could pick colleges that welcome undecided majors.  You could meet with an academic advisor on campus to get guidance, take a variety of classes to fulfill your general education requirements, and get internships during the summers to get more work experience.  You could set a goal to get to know at least one professor well each semester and to find at least one activity that you dedicate significant time and energy to.  Do that for four years, and you’ll have a lot more than just a degree.  You’ll have put together a remarkable college career that helped you find what you’re good at, and you’ll have plenty of mentors and advisors who can help you take your next step.

Think about your college plan.  Why are you going to college?  What are you hoping or expecting to gain from the experience Then find the colleges that can give it to you.