Have you done your course due diligence?

Students at Sarah Lawrence College interview the professors before choosing classes.  It’s the college's way of allowing students to take charge of their education—to make informed decisions about what they learn and who will teach them.

There’s no reason you couldn’t do the same thing in high school.

Sure, you don't have as many course options to choose from as you will in college.  But if you’re nervous about AP Chemistry next year and want to make sure you’re prepared, talk to the AP Chem teacher and get a sense of the class.

If you love English and will be taking a class with your favorite teacher next year, visit her before you take the class and ask for some summer reading recommendations.

And if you struggle in Spanish and want some advice about what material you should review before taking the next level in the coming year, have a chat with your future Spanish teacher.

Be sincere in your interest and respectful of the teacher’s time, and you’ll not only make a more informed decision, but also be demonstrating to the teacher—before you even take the class—that you’re a mature and engaged student.