You won’t regret it

In twelve years of running Collegewise, I have never once heard a senior say in admissions retrospect,

“I wish I didn’t apply to so many schools where my chances of admission were good.”

A balanced college list is the most effective, accessible tool you have to take control of your college search.  It’s fine to take your shot at 1-2 dream schools that are out of your reach (though there’s no law that says your dream schools can’t be your safety schools, too).  But our Collegewise students who create balanced college lists with at least one slam dunk safety school are left with:

  • More acceptances to celebrate
  • More schools from which to choose
  • More—often unsolicited—financial aid and scholarships
  • Less admissions stress

And the best part?   You don’t need a high GPA, great test scores, or a private counselor to find schools that will admit you.  With over 1600 colleges that accept more than 50% of their applicants, even C students can have safety schools.