Even some Harvard grads hated the SAT

In 2001, Time Magazine did a story called “Should SATs Matter?”  In preparing the story, the magazine spent two weeks asking celebrities—including Alan Greenspan and Oprah Winfrey—to share their SAT scores.  Just about all of them declined.  As Conan O’Brien (a Harvard graduate) put it, 

“It has taken 20 years to forget the trauma of that damned test, and looking up my scores would be like going back to Vietnam.” 

Standardized tests cause a lot of anxiety in high school.  Remember that millions of people have gone on to college and made successes of themselves without ever breaking the bank on the SAT or ACT.  If you’re not a good test taker, do your best and look forward to the day when you can laugh, like Conan does, about the trauma the test inflicted upon you. 

(Totally off topic, but Conan's speech to the Harvard class of 2000 is one of the best.)