What would happen this semester if…

…you didn’t answer your phone, open emails, or check Facebook while you studied?

…you raised your hand at least once a day in your favorite class?

…you took on a big project nobody else in your club was willing to do?

…you only talked about people as if they were there in the room with you (no bad-mouthing)?

…you quit an activity you were no longer enjoying and replaced it with something you really wanted to do?

…you made an extra effort to appreciate your parents?

…you congratulated other students who did well on a test, or had a great performance in the school play, or scored the winning basket?

…you studied for the SAT and accepted whatever score you got as long as you knew you’d tried your best?

…you let your parents do less for you and took on more responsibility for your college planning?

…you were nice to the kid who nobody else is nice to?

…you worried less about getting into a prestigious college and more about finding the right one?

Seems like it could only lead to good things.