Time to get ready for your college interview

If you’ve recently submitted your applications, it’s likely that colleges who offer evaluative interviews will soon be scheduling those for their applicants. This is the perfect time to visit the admissions sections of your colleges’ websites and find out 1) if interviews for applicants are offered as part of the admissions process and 2) how you schedule one.

In most cases, interviews are conducted by graduates of the college who live in your area and will contact you to schedule them. But don’t just assume you’re supposed to wait for that to happen. Colleges will be very clear what you need (and don’t need) to do to schedule your interviews. It’s important to find and follow those instructions from each college.

Once you get your interview scheduled, here are two ways we can help you prepare:

1) I’ve written plenty of blog posts about interviews, which are all grouped together here.

2) All of our Collegewise seniors come to my 1-hour “College Interview Seminar,” which is now available as a streaming video for just $12.99. You can find more information and the link to buy your own copy here.