The Collegewise Workshop for Counselors: exploratory committee

We’re trying to gauge interest in a new full-day session to be offered at our Irvine, CA office this summer for high school and independent counselors called “College Counseling 201 with Collegewise.”  Some of the topics included would be:

  • Best practices for advising younger students just starting their high school years
  • Helping juniors select appropriate colleges
  • Guiding seniors through the applications, essays, and interviews
  • Financial aid and scholarships
  • Handling difficult students/parents
  • How to manage a large caseload
  • Recent changes in admissions and how they affect your kids
  • Case studies of real students and what we learned from them

I’d run the session myself, though if there were enough interest, I’d invite Arun to join, too.   Enrollment would be limited to about 30 counselors so we could leave plenty of time for your questions, your challenges, and any other issue you’re facing in your job.

We’d price the full day session between $295 and $495 and we’d probably hold it in late July.  If you think this might be something you’d be interested in attending, please email me or post a comment here.  Thanks.