But what did you get done?

Busy isn’t enough.  Anyone can be busy.  What’s special is the people who actually get things done. 

A lot of high school kids feel pressured to shun free time and fill their days with commitments.  But too many commitments just inhibit your ability to get things done.  Instead of being obsessed with how busy you are, try redirecting that obsession towards actually getting a project out the door and finished.

  • Repaint all the rooms at the shelter where you volunteer.
  • Publish a separate issue of the newspaper that just highlights what the teachers are doing for students.
  • Shop around for different printers and cut the production cost of the yearbook by 20%.
  • Run a fundraiser for the jazz band to get new instruments.
  • Get donations to send the team to basketball camp over the summer.
  • Work your way up to manager at the restaurant and get experience leading shifts. 

And once you finish that project, obsess over getting the next project done.  Become the person who initiates, takes responsibility, and makes sure it gets finished. 

If you’re constantly referring to how busy you are, how many hours you’re putting in, or how much time an activity/project is taking, maybe it’s time to do a little less and actually get more done?