When SAT scores are ancient history

There’s a reason why you almost never hear people talk about their SAT scores after high school–nobody cares.

If you scored well and force it into conversation, you’ll sound like someone trying to relive a high school glory. And the people who lament poor SAT scores once they’ve left high school are almost always laughing about it, not unlike the way some people laugh about the terrible fashion or hair styles they chose during their teen years. Good or bad, it’s ancient high school history. You move on after graduation.

As long as test scores are used for college admissions purposes, it’s normal for high school students and parents to worry about them (a little). But the SAT’s importance has an expiration date. Once you go to college, it’s unlikely that anyone will ever ask you–or even care–what your SAT (or ACT) scores were. Millions of students have gone to college with all levels of test scores, and just about all of them create college and post-college lives based on things that have nothing to do with how they scored on those tests.

Test scores won’t define your future. Don’t give them more attention, worry or prep money than they deserve.