This wouldn’t have been the same without (your name here)

One of the easiest ways to identify a person who really makes a difference is to ask, "Who would this not have been the same without?"

Which players on your baseball team had so much talent that the season just would not have been the same without them?

Which performers in the school play were so good that the production would never have been the same if they weren't in it?

Which writers for the school paper are such good reporters and editors that the paper just wouldn't be as professional without them on the staff?

That's the talent portion of what you'll find when you ask the question. It reveals the people who were so good at what they did that the team, production or paper just wouldn't been as good without their talent. 

But that's not all you'll find.

Is there a player on water polo team has such a great attitude that she inspires other players even if she isn't a starter?

Is there a solid but not exceptional tuba player who jokes around and keeps people laughing even when the sun is beating down on your polyester uniforms during the third hour of practice with the marching band?

Is there a junior member of the student government who always seems to find mutual ground to curb disagreements during your meetings?

The water polo team, marching band and student government wouldn't be the same without those people even though they didn't have the most talent or the most important positions.

So here's your challenge–what could you do that would make people name you when asked, "Who would this not have been the same without?"