Why not hire a tutor for your student’s BEST subject?

I've often recommended to our Collegewise parents that rather than hire tutors for their kids' weakest subject, why not hire one for their strongest?   Working to maximize a natural strength is always more rewarding than grinding through a weakness is.  And kids who spend all their time working to fix their academic flaws don't have the chance to dive in to the subjects that fascinate them.  They'll never know how far they could have gone with what they loved.  

According to this article in the New Yorker, that strategy of catering to strengths seemed to work out OK for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's parents: 


When he (Zuckerberg) was about eleven, his parents hired a computer tutor, a software developer named David Newman, who came to the house once a week to work with Mark.'He was a prodigy,' Newman told me. 'Sometimes it was tough to stay ahead of him.' (Newman lost track of Zuckerberg and was stunned when he learned during our interview that his former pupil had built Facebook.) Soon thereafter, Mark started taking a graduate computer course every Thursday night at nearby Mercy College. When his father dropped him off at the first class, the instructor looked at Edward and said, pointing to Mark, 'You can’t bring him to the classroom with you.' Edward told the instructor that his son was the student."