Making up for our gaffe

If you missed us last night on College Admissions Live for our scheduled show, "How to Make a Great Last Impression:  Improving your chances of admission after you apply," well, that's our fault.  We were there.  We recorded a show.  But we did something stupid and aired it on the channel we set up to test, rather than actually broadcast, our shows.  We're pretty embarrassed about it.  If you tuned in to watch, we're really sorry.  One thing college applicants and their parents don't have a lot of today is free time, and we're sorry to have wasted yours. 

In order to make amends, we have two offers for you. 

First, here's the video we shot.  We had to do it in two parts since the video inexplicably cut out six minutes into the programming (it is becoming glaringly apparent how much more we know about college admissions than we do about online media). 

Part I:

Watch live video from thinkopenroad on 

Part II

Watch live video from thinkopenroad on 

And our second offer is going to be based on the honor system.

Since Arun was in charge of the technology, he's taking the blame for our screw up last night (it was both of us, really, but I appreciate his mea culpa).  If you tuned in for our no-show, here's his offer.

From today until Tuesday, December 14, Arun will answer 1 question per viewer via email, free of charge.  Arun worked as an admissions officer at University of Chicago and Caltech, and was an admissions reader for UCLA.  He's an expert on both the art and science of college admissions, and I encourage those viewers who missed us to take him up on his offer.

But in order for this to be fair to viewers and to Arun, we just have a few guidelines:

1. Please only send a question if you really did tune in to watch.  We've never had more than 50 viewers to our show.  So if Arun gets 400 emails, we'll know something is amiss. 

2. There's a one question per viewer limit.

3.  Please don't ask him to edit your essay or your college application–those aren't questions.  If you'd like him to read your essay and just give you his general thoughts, he'd be happy to do that.

Submit your question via email to Arun at: He'll accept questions until Tuesday, December 14 at 5 p.m. PST.

Again, we're really sorry to have let anybody down who turned in to watch.  But we hope we can make up for our gaffe by giving away even more great advice.