For seniors with unfinished applications

A lot of high school seniors are starting their winter vacation today.  And many of them will be up late on December 31st racing to meet college application deadlines, frantically listing their activities, pasting in their essays, and submitting work at the the last minute they know would have been better had they just had more time.  That's a terrible way to finish the application process, and you can easily avoid it.

Starting today, make more time.

You have time.  You have plenty of it.  Starting today, work like your hair is on fire.  Dive into the most difficult of your essays and pretend it's due in 24 hours.  Swear off your holiday fun until you've finished your applications.  Don't let yourself be one of those poor souls who always has to look back and wonder if your applications would have been better if you'd just had more time.

You've still got time.  Start making more of it today.