What weddings remind us about college

Katie from our Bellevue, WA office got married yesterday. With the Collegewise counselors and the dean of admission from Katie's alma mater in attendance, this was the event to attend if you needed a little college admissions advice.

But what I noticed most was the importance college experiences played in event. All of Katie's college roommates flew out for the wedding (one of them was also the maid of honor). The groom met all of his groomsmen while he was in college. Every toast that celebrated the couple's history and the role they've played in their friends' lives mentioned something about …"back in college…".
I think it's fair to say that none of this would have happenend, none of these people would have met, even the happy couple would never have found each other, if each of them hadn't gone to their particular colleges.

These are the kinds of college benefits that you can't predict or measure. You can't ask about them during the college tours and they aren't factored into the US News rankings.
So much of what you will take away from college are the relationships you form while you're there. That's one of the reasons we believe so strongly that you don't have to go to a famous college to be happy and successful.

If I ever needed a group of people to prove that was true, Katie's wedding was it.