Putting a little soul into your college applications

One of the definitions of "soul" is "the animating principle; the essential element or part of something." 

Successful college applicants don't just complete their college applications; they use those applications to reveal essential elements of their personality and help admissions officers get to know them better.  They inject a little soul into their applications.  There really is an art to it.  And tomorrow, we're unveiling a new seminar for our Collegewise families to teach the art.  

Tomorrow, I'll deliver the first session of our new seminar, "The Art of College Applications."  We already do seminars about the college essay, interview, and how to to secure strong letters of recommendation, so this new seminar will teach how to use the remaining short essays and "quick take" sections to inject a little soul into your college application. 

Specifically, I'll be teaching how to approach some of the most common short-essay prompts like these:

1.    “Tell us why you think our school is a good fit for you.”

2.    “How will you contribute to our campus community?” 

3.    “Describe your academic interests (and how do you plan to pursue them).” 

4.    “Describe a time when faced a challenge or adversity.” 

5.    “Describe a time where you made a difference in your school or community.”

6.    “Where have you experienced diversity/How will you contribute to our diversity?” 

7.    “Describe a time when you failed or made a mistake.” 

8.     "Is there anything else you would like to share with us regarding your
background or interests that you didn’t have the opportunity to share

9.    “Quick take” questions, like…

    • It would surprise my friends to know that I… 

    • If I could travel anywhere in time or space, either real or imagined, I’d go…

    • The last book I read outside of class was… 

10.   Optional essays.

You can find samples of some of the advice in the series I wrote last November, "30 Colleges, 30 Collegewise Guides to Getting In."