AP or IB?

Students and parents often ask us which program is better, Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB).  It's one of those questions for which there is no right answer.  Neither program offers more inherent college admissions advantages than the other.

Jay Mathews, a constant source of reason and just plain good sense on the subject of college admissions, has an interesting article tackling this question.  Here's my favorite part:

"One of my heroes on this issue was Harlan “Harpo” Hanson, a big man
with a dry wit who was once both the director of AP for the College
Board and a force behind the first big grant for IB in the United
States. He had four children. He gave each teen the facts about the two
programs and let them decide. Two chose IB. Two chose AP. In each case,
Hanson said, they made the right decision