The power of enthusiasm

Have you ever been to a store where the workers seem genuinely happy to be there (Trader Joe's and In-n-Out Burger come to mind)?  Those employees make your customer experience that much better.  

Have you ever taken a class where the teacher obviously loves the subject?  Her passion makes the material that much more interesting and usually makes you enjoy the class. 

Ever listened to somebody talk about why they love the Red Sox or the opera or taking baths instead of showers?  It's hard not to be a little intrigued when you hear their passion. 

Enthusiasm is contagious (I mean genuine enthusiasm, not contrived enthusiasm that you're manufacturing because you think it will help you get into college). 

Enthusiasm is also free.  You don't have to pay for an expensive tutor to teach you to be more enthusiastic.  Enthusiasm is available to anyone regardless of your GPA or test scores.  And colleges are just as likely to contract your contagious enthusiasm as anyone else is.   

If you have a favorite teacher or class, let your enthusiasm show.  Smile when you walk into class.  Raise your hand.  Ask questions.  Throw yourself
into it by doing extra reading or taking a more advanced course in the
subject during the summer. 

Don't join a club or play a sport or volunteer
at a hospital if you're just doing it to get into college.  Find a
club you're excited about.  Play the sport you love.   Volunteer
someplace where you really believe in the mission of the organization.

Students who approach the college process the right way are usually enthusiastic because it's easy for them to enjoy the ride.  They're working hard but they're not limiting their college choices to the schools that reject almost everyone who applies.  They picking activities based on what they like to do rather than on what they think colleges will appreciate.  They're excited about the opportunity to be a college student regardless of whether or not the college is famous.

If you want to enjoy your college process (and get in to more colleges), add a little enthusiasm to your life.