10 class questions…

  1. What's your favorite class?
  2. Who's your favorite teacher? 
  3. In which class are you raising your hand and asking questions?
  4. In which class do you contribute to class discussions?
  5. Which class's material do you find most interesting?
  6. What's a class you've heard about that you want to take?
  7. Which class do you look forward to attending every day?
  8. What's your favorite subject?
  9. Which subject do you wish you understood better?
  10. What you are excited to learn about in college?

If you find yourself answering "none" or "nothing" to too many of these, why do you think that is?  Is it your teachers?  Is it your school?  Or is it your own attitude?  Sure, in some cases it could be a combination of all three.  But legitimate learners never complain about their schools or their teachers.  They don't need perfect conditions to learn.  All they want is access to the subject matter.  

Appealing college applicants have answers to all ten of these
questions.  And if they don't, they're taking steps to change that.

What could you do to get yourself to a place where you'd have answers to all ten?