Lost arts

I think every high school student would be well served to master these ten skills.

  1. How to shake someone’s hand, look them in the eye, and introduce
  2. How to call someone you don’t know and articulately ask a question.
  3. How to write a thoughtful, appropriately composed and punctuated email that makes a good first impression.
  4. How to talk to adults comfortably.
  5. How to express thanks.
  6.  How to give praise.
  7. How to apologize and accept responsibility when something is your
  8. How to laugh at yourself.
  9. How to celebrate what you’re good at (and acknowledge what you’re not good at).
  10. How to rely less on your parents to do things you can do for yourself.

All ten can help you get into college, be successful once you get there, and even continue that success once you get out.

How many of them can you do?  How long would it take to master them all?