30 Colleges, 30 Guides to Getting In

A lot of high school seniors will be feeling not-so-thankful to be in the throes of the college application process this month.  So in the Thanksgiving spirit of helping our friends survive the brutal winter, we're bringing you "30 Colleges, 30 Collegewise Guides to Getting In."

Each day in November, we’re going to publish admissions tips for one school right here on our blog.  One school per day, for thirty days.  And while we're not promising magic formulas for admission to selective colleges, we do promise to show you how you can better communicate your match with schools and help colleges get to know you better.     

Here are the colleges we’ll be covering, with the dates the posts will be published.

November 1    UC (University of California)   
November 2    Tufts University
November 3    University of Notre Dame           
November 4    SUNY (State University of New York)   
November 5    Gonzaga University
November 6    Pomona College           
November 7    Oregon State University
November 8    Caltech (California Institute of Technology)
November 9    USC (University of Southern California)   
November 10    Loyola Marymount University
November 11    University of Puget Sound
November 12    Bryn Mawr College
November 13    University of Virginia
November 14    NYU (New York University)
November 15    University of Washington
November 16    Texas Christian University
November 17    Bucknell University
November 18    Virginia Tech
November 19    University of Michigan 
November 20    Saint Mary’s College of California
November 21    Cornell University
November 22    Washington State University
November 23    Villanova University
November 24    University of Chicago
November 25    Boston University
November 26    Gettysburg College   
November 27    Skidmore College
November 28    University of Wisconsin-Madison
November 29    University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
November 30    Stanford University

We're kicking things off today with tips for UC (University of California) applicants.  We hope you enjoy your reading.