Get Your Bagpipe On

Wooster There's so much to love about College of Wooster, and I'm not just talking about the fact that their mascot is the Fighting Scot and that the marching band wears kilts (though that is admittedly a very good start).

Today, I'll focus on just two things to love about Wooster.

1.  Wooster graduates fondly recount home football games in which the Fighting Scot marching band leads the team onto the field.  Thanks to the wonders of youtube,  you can now see it for yourself.  1:23 is where the mad rush to the field takes place.

2.  This isn't a school where you need perfect grades, perfect test scores, and a certificate proclaiming that you invented your own chemical to get in.  In fact, Wooster admits about 80% of their applicants.

For more information about Wooster (and my obvious affection for the Fighting Scots), here's my February 2007 blog post.