Find us a great counselor, and we’ll pay you $1,000

Collegewise is looking for the next college counselor to join our team in Irvine, CA.  Here is the job description

We wanted to give our blog readers and those in the Collegewise family a chance to chime in and refer people they think just might be the right fit for us.  So we’re offering a $1,000 reward if you find us the right person, payable after the hire completes three months of successful work here. We’d also be happy to donate the fee to whomever you choose.  And if there is no referrer, we’ll donate the money to College Summit.   

The job description link above has all the information.  Forward this, blog it, whatever you’d like.  Please send only the best people you know as we’re fairly picky.  Thanks in advance for helping us with our search.