August News for Friends and Family

Panel_3 "Don’t get your heart set on one school when you’re applying.  You might think there’s only one school for you, but wherever you end up, that’s probably where you should be."

"(Californian students) Stop worrying so much about the cold weather back east.  It’s just snow. People deal with it.  Geez!"

"When you tour colleges, ask the students on campus questions.  You might feel lame doing it but, trust me, it makes us feel important when you ask."

These were just a few of the nuggets of wisdom our former Collegewise–now happy college–students shared at our first student panel which we held last week.

It’s something we’ve been talking about doing for a long time.
Actually, it’s something Kevin has been talking about doing, and
something to which Margot finally responded, "You know, we sure have
been talking about this for a long time.  I’m actually going to do it."

Pictured from left to right are Amanda (Boston University), Jessy
(Chapman University), Kate (Pepperdine University), Kim (UCLA), Alex
(Notre Dame) and Katie (University of San Diego).  And yes, it’s clear that the iphone’s photo quality leaves something to
be desired.

If you’re a Collegewise student or parent and you’d like to hear
some current-college-student wisdom, we’ve got two more panels
scheduled this summer:

Wednesday, August 6                       Friday, August 15               
2:30 p.m. – 4 p.m.                            10:30 a.m. – noon.
Boston University                                Boston University
UCLA                                                UCLA
Notre Dame                                       Notre Dame
University of San Diego                        
University of San Diego
                                                      Chapman University

We don’t do all of this alone!Interns_2
Every summer, we ask one of our former students to come back and work for us.  The selection process is rigorous–background checks, intensive psychological profiling, obstacle courses for time, etc.  This summer, the choice was much too difficult and we selected three student interns (two of whom sat on our aforementioned student panel). 

All three have really found their stride in the office and Kevin is still marveling at the way the materials needed for his college essay seminar just magically appear on the tables, much like the way a rock star’s instrument sits tuned and ready at the front of the stage. 

Ed note:  There are advantages to writing these blog entries yourself, two of which being the opportunity to compare yourself to a rock star and of course, to refer to one’s self in the third person.

From left to right, Katie (University of San Diego), Amanda (Boston University) and Kim (heading to USC this fall).