December News for Friends and Family

Slo2 College Tours

The Irvine counseling quartet of Jennifer, Margot, Allison and Kyle recently returned from a tour of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, UC Santa Barbara and UWT (the University of Wine Tasting, which was their favorite of the three, by the way).

UCSB alumn Kyle proved to be an adept tour guide for her alma mater, as the counselors are now able to point out the best chili dog stand, the most ideal spot for beach tanning, and of course, the best field for weekend mud football. 

In other tour-related news, the road to Westmont College, another college that was on the tour itinerary, was "blocked by a landslide."  We’re not yet sure if this landslide was in fact code for, "An extended tour of UWT" (see above), but we’re taking their word for it.

Cancun Arun In Cancun

It’s not often that we get to see Arun Gone Wild (coming to video in 2008), but when The Princeton Review invited Arun to present his College Admissions 101 and 201 workshops at their company meeting in Cancun this month, he packed his handouts and his sunscreen and headed south for a few days.  We actually can’t remember the last time Arun spent three days away from the office (seriously, we can’t remember a time he’s done that), but reports from our friends at The Princeton Review were that he was both well behaved and well received. 

Not surprisingly, all of the other Collegewise counselors have since offered their presentation services to The Princeton Review (in the spirit of college admissions education, of course). 

2007 Collegewise Holiday Party

We’re excited about our 2007 Collegewise Holiday Party taking place at the House of Blues in Los Angeles on December 15 for so many reasons.  Here are the top three.

Hob_3 1.  We’ve got 22 people coming (more than double last year’s number), including Alex, Breda and Rick from our East Coast offices.

2.  It’s a chance for all of us, from directors to counselors to essay specialists, to celebrate how hard we’ve worked and how many kids we helped get into college this year.

3.  Snoop Dogg is playing.

Well, Snoop isn’t exactly playing our party; he’s playing at The House of the Blues the same night that we’ll be there.  But really, coincidence?  We don’t think so. 

Holiday Break

As has always been tradition here at Collegewise, we’ll be closing our offices for the rest of 2007 starting on December 15.  The counselors have worked incredibly hard helping nearly 300 kids find and apply to the right colleges, and we’ll spend those two-and-a-half-weeks relaxing, and getting reacquainted with our families and loved ones.  But as has also always been the tradition at Collegewise, we’ll return in the New Year eager to get back to work, to help a lot of kids, and to figure out how we can be even better at it next year.

Thanks for reading…