October News for Friends and Family

Parke Back from NACAC

Kevin, Arun and Alex enjoyed our stay at the annual NACAC (National Association for College Admissions Counseling Conference).  Some people get excited about seeing Angelina Jolie or Leonardo DiCaprio on the street, but NACAC lets us meet and learn from people like Parke Muth (at left), an admissions officer from University of Virginia and the inventor of the McEssay analogy we’ve cited hundreds of times in our Collegewise essay seminars.  His session for counselors about writing letters of recommendation was standing room only.  We caught up with Lloyd Thacker from the Education Conservancy (at right) whom we’ve really come to like and admire for his organization’s efforts to remove Lloyd_5 commercial interference in college admissions.  And most importantly, we were able to spend time with admissions officers and counselors who over the years have become friends as well as colleagues.


The best part about NACAC is that we’re annually reminded just how many smart, good people there are  working in the world of college admissions, and how sincerely they all want to do the right thing for kids.

Senior Season


All four Collegewise offices are officially in the middle of "Senior Season," our annual period from September to December when we help our seniors through the college admissions process.  It’s not only our busiest time of year, but also our most exciting.  In fact, this year we’ll help more kids apply to college than we ever have before.  And now that the high schools are back in session, we’re also back in demand as speakers for college nights, essay workshops, and admissions seminars.  One look at the "Events" section of our website will give you some idea how often we’ll be out on campuses this month.


Thanks for catching up with us.  We’ll be back with more news next month.