News for Friends and Family…

New faces in the Collegewise crowd

There was a time not that long ago when we used to imagine what it would be like to have admissions officers leave their posts and come to work with us.  Then Arun joined us in 2004 from Caltech and Christina from the SUNY system in 2005.  And this week, we were lucky enough to add the most recent additions to our Southern California offices–college counselors Allison Cummings from the University of Redlands and Jessica Schattgen from Whittier College.

Allison will join Collegewise – Irvine while Jessica will work with Arun in our Los Angeles office.   

And Collegewise – NY’s Alex Weiner has added a few more desks to his offices to accommodate his most recent additions–college counselors Carly Amodio and Breda Malfesi.

They’re all smart, funny, and frankly, quite pleasant to be around.  We’re really excited to have them with us.

Kyle University is open for business

Former Collegewise essay specialist turned college counselor Kyle McNichols (at left) has dubbed her office Kyle University ("Kyle U") for short.  And since that means her students are officially enrolling at Kyle U, we thought it made good sense to make bumper stickers.  After all, everyone should be proud of where they’re going to college, especially if you’re enrolled at Kyle U while you’re still in high school.

Kyle would also like to remind everyone that Kyle U is unique among the 2500 colleges and universities in the country in that they openly accept admissions bribes in the form of cookies, other gifts of a baked nature, or Angels baseball paraphernalia (the Dean of Kyle U is a season ticket holder, after all).

The like us!  They really like us!
We have to admit that we were pretty excited to have our blog featured on the home page of Typepad, which hosts more of the world’s 71 million blogs than anyone else.  Arun did the honors of blogging this news, and you can find his post here

Until next month…