Honesty and Senioritis

Seniors have undoubtedly heard that an admissions decision from a college can
be revoked if a severe case of senioritis results in an academic decline.  But this month’s edition UC Notes Digest reminds students
that it is their responsibility to report such an academic decline
immediately. In fact, doing so might
even help your case.

Think of it like this. You wrecked the family car.  The
good news is that nobody was hurt.  The
bad news is that the car is totaled and there’s nothing you can do that will
make that fact go away.  Which smarter
move?  Immediately tell your parents
everything that happened, or keep it to yourself and wait for the inevitable
day when they notice that the family car hasn’t been seen in weeks?

Easy one.  Tell your parents.
Immediately.  At least you’ll get credit
for being honest. 

isn’t saying that just being honest makes the academic decline OK,
but it’s a lot better than sitting quietly and hoping that the admissions
offices don’t notice that your grade in AP calculus was totaled beyond