Unannounced Visitors

A lot of families tell us how hard it is for them to make time to travel and see colleges.  And we bet a lot of our blog readers read the entries about our own college visits and think to themselves, "Well, of course these Collegewise guys visits schools all the time.  It’s their job!”

And those readers would be right.

We make the time to visit schools because it’s our job—well, that and the fact that we are huge college nerds who desperately need more productive social lives.

But one thing you might not notice from our posts is that a lot of our visits weren’t planned for the sake of visiting the colleges.  Christina toured Vanderbilt after her brother’s graduation, checked out UOP during a visit to see her best friend in Stockton, and traversed the natural campus of UC Santa Cruz while visiting her cousin.  When we visit family or friends, we make at least one college visit part of the itinerary.  It’s not just part of our job—it’s part of our (nerdy) nature.

Where is your family planning to travel this year?  Where will you be going to visit friends or family?  And what colleges could you see while you’re there?

Make the most of the college opportunities when you visit friends or family.  Take a tour of a nearby college.  Buy a sweatshirt and a mug while you are there.  Take pictures and send them to us at info@getcollegewise.com. We might even post them on our blog! 

You’ll learn more about that college and what kind of environment will eventually be right (or wrong) for you.  And you’ll have done so without having to spend additional time or expense.

It’s not just a good idea to get out there and learn more about colleges; if you’re a high school junior who wants to eventually find the right college for you (or if you’re that junior’s parent), it’s your job, too.